Friday, February 19, 2010

#19 Down the rabbit hole with the Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit are a wicked alternative rock band from Scotland. Starting out in 2003 Frightened Rabbit was just the name that Scott Hutchison used as a moniker for his solo act. He was joined in 2004 by his brother Grant on drums and then in 2005, guitarist Billy Kennedy completed the early lineup. Since then they have rounded out the group with the addition of guitarist/keyboardist Andy Monaghan in 2007 and another guitarist/keyboardist Gordon Skene in late 2009. Frightened Rabbit is known for their guitar heavy sound and their songs that are steeped in heartbreak and loneliness. They are often referred to as an EMO band, which may raise flags at first to some of you but, please, hear me out. This band has the depth and substance that most of the 'emo' bands are sadly lacking in. The music that they have made so far is unpolished and rough around the edges in a classic garage band way.
Hutchison grew up playing guitar, and spent his teenage years playing covers of bands like the Foo Fighters. As to the name of the band, Hutchison has stated in an interview “You know those times when you were a kid, and you were forced to socialize with your parents’ friends’ children, and they’re not necessarily your friends? I hated those social situations, so I’d more often than not go off and sit in the corner. And my mum would say I had this ‘frightened rabbit look’, that I was just totally weary and anxious to be around other children. Socially maladjusted, even then.” Hutchison spent the first three years home-recording and assembling the sad songs of heartbreak and loss that would dominate the first Frightened Rabbit album, 2006's 'Sing The Greys', which he and his brother recorded while they were students at the Glasgow School of Art.

Hutchison's deep, moaning falsetto voice and his thick Scottish accent give the band a different sound then a lot of other bands at the moment. His talent for producing highly personal songwriting and his fierce, lifelong connection to the guitar make the music very addictive. Grant Hutchison and Billy Kennedy form a great rhythm section. Grant's drumming is very hard and loud and Kennedy throws down the bass lines at a level of funk that surprises at every turn. So far they have released two studio albums and one live album. Their new record debuts in March of this year and if it is anything like the single "Swim Until You Can't See Land" then it will be dynamite.

My Fave Album:
-I would have to say my fave so far is 2008's Midnight Organ Flight. This record rocks in a clever but purposefully naïve pop/rock kind of way. It is an intense album that broadcasts its unique sound with a nice mixture of indie rock and folk. The beautiful sadness that flows through the album is warm and comforting. It is the kind of record that goes well with a rainy night or after a moment of personal self-reflection. "Keep Yourself Warm" is one of my fave tracks on this album. I love its honesty and poignancy not to mention the fantastic vocals dealt out by Scott Hutchison. All in all this is a great album and definitely the one that got me into Frightened Rabbit. The band sounds more complete on this one and the guitars blend so well with the vocals and rhythm section. A great work by these young Scots that hopefully is a sign that their new album will also be a further step for this band.

Thanks for stopping by I appreciate all the support you all have shown so far!

Enjoy this awesome song off their new album due out March 2010. The track is "Swim Until You Can't See Land"

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