Thursday, April 29, 2010

# 36 There is only one John Lennon

I know I have already done the Beatles but I just think that I also have to mention the enormous impact that this man has had on my life. This man was killed two years before I was born and yet he has influenced my life in countless ways with his humour, his music and his message. One of the things John Lennon taught me was that you can be a hero to others while still being a flawed individual. John was deeply troubled all of his life and towards the end he was finally beginning to rise above his own character flaws and you could see on his face that he was finally becoming at peace with himself.

From the earliest of my days, I can remember Beatles music and John in particular. This was possibly because he was the fave Beatle of our household. My parents also had his books of writing and as a small child I loved watching the Beatles movies, Yellow Submarine in particular. He has always seemed to me to be the max level of coolness. His music with the Beatles and his solo material afterward have remained my absolute favorite music of all time throughout my life. His message and life have inspired me throughout my own journey in this world.

Of his solo work I would have to say that Imagine is my fave. It is so consistent and has infinite listening pleasure to be derived from it. With songs such as 'Crippled Inside' and 'How Do You Sleep At Night', not to mention 'Imagine' you have to admit the brilliance of his work on this, his second solo album after splitting from the Beatles. It is so important in the history of rock and in the world of music in general that even 30 years after his death, people are buying his records by the millions.

For your listening pleasure I include some of my fave Lennon tracks of all time both in the Beatles and in his solo career. ENJOY!

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