Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Introducing The Belle Game

I first heard about this awesome local band on the new Vancouver radio station 104 The Shore FM the other day. The Belle Game first got together in the summer of 2009. Local Vancouver artist Adam Nanji and started hooking up with fellow musicians Andrea Lo and Alex Andrew. Adam had already released a studio EP the previous September. After jamming together and playing together at a few local gigs, the trio realized that their sound had the potential to evolve into something pretty spectacular.

Only a month after forming the band, the three of them decided that they would head into the studio and they proceeded to record a brilliant 4-song EP entitled “Inventing Letters”. They released the EP in the winter of 2009, and they quickly began to gain notice in the Vancouver area both from the EP and their local gigs.

Incredibly, since the summer of 2009, the band has been divided between Vancouver and Montreal because of post-secondary education locations. However, they have persevered through the difficulties of living on opposite sides of Canada and they have managed to gain a hold as wicked local bands in both cities.

Post "Inventing Letters", the band has also continually added more members to their family. In October of 2009, Adam met Katrina Jones, a talented singer/songwriter from Montreal, and when she joined the band, she brought a second beautifully distinct voice to the Belle Game. Since then, Adam met Cory Lipman, a talented drummer and actor, as well as Aaron Kahn, one of the best trumpeters in the McGill Music program, and Tim Beeler, who is now their brilliant bassist. Tim also plays in his own band called The Crown Vandals, and you can check them out here. Last, after going through a bunch of violinists, the Belle Game found a perfect fit: Aliza Thibodeau. Classically-trained, Aliza is everything the band was looking for in a violinist. These new members have all helped make The Belle Game what it is today – a family of musicians looking to play beautiful music for lovely people.

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